28 Aug 2015

#Africa: #Boat Filled With #Refugees Sinks Off #Libya #Coast (AllAfrica News, August 28 2015)

[Source: AllAfrica News, full page: (LINK).]

Africa: Boat Filled With Refugees Sinks Off Libyan Coast [   !   ]

[Al Jazeera] A boat reportedly packed with people from Africa and South Asia bound for Italy has sunk off the Libyan coast, raising fears that dozens have died.




A stable #trimeric #influenza #hemagglutinin #stem as a broadly #protective #immunogen (Science, abstract, edited)

[Source: Science, full page: (LINK). Abstract, edited.]

Published Online August 24 2015 / Science / DOI: 10.1126/science.aac7263  / Research Article

A stable trimeric influenza hemagglutinin stem as a broadly protective immunogen [      ]

Antonietta Impagliazzo 1,*,†, Fin Milder 1,‡,§, Harmjan Kuipers 1,‡,§, Michelle Wagner 2,‡||, Xueyong Zhu 3,‡, Ryan M. B. Hoffman 3,‡, Ruud van Meersbergen 1,§, Jeroen Huizingh 1,§, Patrick Wanningen 1,§, Johan Verspuij 1,§, Martijn de Man 1,§, Zhaoqing Ding 2,||, Adrian Apetri 1,†, Başak Kükrer 1,†, Eveline Sneekes-Vriese 1, Danuta Tomkiewicz 1,†, Nick S. Laursen 3,¶, Peter S. Lee 3, Anna Zakrzewska 1,§, Liesbeth Dekking ,§, Jeroen Tolboom 1,§, Lisanne Tettero 1,§, Sander van Meerten 1,§, Wenli Yu 3, Wouter Koudstaal 1,†, Jaap Goudsmit 1,†, Andrew B. Ward 3, Wim Meijberg 1,§, Ian A. Wilson 3,*, Katarina Radošević 1,#

Author Affiliations: 1Crucell Vaccine Institute, Janssen Center of Excellence for Immunoprophylaxis, Archimedesweg 4-6, 2301 CA Leiden, Netherlands. 2Crucell Vaccine Institute, Janssen Center of Excellence for Immunoprophylaxis, 3210 Merryfield Row, San Diego, CA 92121, USA. 3Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, 10550 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA.

Author Notes:

† Present address: Janssen Prevention Center, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Archimedesweg 4-6, 2301 CA Leiden, Netherlands.

§ Present address: Infectious Diseases and Vaccines Therapeutic Area, Janssen Research and Development, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Archimedesweg 4-6, 2301 CA Leiden, Netherlands.

|| Present address: Janssen Prevention Center, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, 3210 Merryfield Row, San Diego, CA 92121, USA.

¶ Present address: Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.

# Present address: Global Biotherapeutics, Sanofi, 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine, France.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: (A.I.); (I.A.W.)

‡ These authors contributed equally to this work.



The identification of human broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) targeting the hemagglutinin (HA) stem revitalized hopes of developing a universal influenza vaccine. Using a rational design and library approach, we engineered stable HA stem antigens (‘mini-HAs’) based on an H1 subtype sequence. Our most advanced candidate exhibits structural and bnAb binding properties comparable to full-length HA, completely protects mice in lethal heterologous and heterosubtypic challenge models, and reduces fever following sublethal challenge in cynomolgus monkeys. Antibodies elicited by this mini-HA in mice and nonhuman primates bind a wide range of HAs, compete with human bnAbs for HA stem binding, neutralize H5N1 viruses, and mediate antibody-dependent effector activity. These results provide proof-of-concept for design of HA stem mimics that elicit bnAbs against influenza A group 1 viruses.

Received for publication 26 November 2014. Accepted for publication 29 July 2015.



S. #Korea reported no new #MERS-CoV cases in the last 24 hours (MoH, August 28 2015, edited)

[Source: South Korea Ministry of Health, full page: (LINK). Automatic translation, edited.]

S. #Korea reported no new #MERS-CoV cases in the last 24 hours [      ]


Middle East respiratory Syndrome Daily Status Report

  • There are 10 patients under treatment (5.4%), 140 patients recovered (75.3%), 36 patients died (19.4%), cumulative number of confirmed cases: 186.
  • In the last 24 hours: no new recoveries, no new deaths and no new confirmed cases have been reported.
  • The last confirmed case was reported on July 4 (54 days ago).
  • Of the 10 patients under treatment: 7 are in stable condition, 3 are critical.




#USA, #Fires continue to #devastate Eastern #Washington [State] (OIC, August 28 2015)

[Source: US State of Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner, full page: (LINK).]

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fires continue to devastate Eastern Washington [   !   ]

More than 780,000 acres have burned in 11 counties and tribal lands in Eastern Washington. President Obama has signed an Emergency Declaration that authorizes FEMA to assist with equipment and resources.

The fires have claimed an estimated 80 homes and displaced families and affected agriculture, businesses and countless communities.

The weather forecast calls for rain over the weekend, but there's also a possibility of lightning in some areas.

Several of the fires were started by lightning.



A photo from a wildfire in Wenatchee in July 2015 (OIC photo)


The Insurance Commissioner’s website has information for consumers about wildfires and homeowner’s insurance, including things you should talk to your insurance agent about and tips for protecting your home and belongings.

We also have tips for filing a claim after a natural disaster and how to find disaster resources.

Here are resources from other agencies:

  • Follow news about the fires on Twitter at #WaWILDFIRE.
  • The Washington Department of Natural Resources has the most recent fire information available on its website and through its @waDNR_fire Twitter feed
  • Governor Inslee has declared a state of emergency and instituted a statewide burn ban in June. You can view the Governor’s Wildfire Resource Page at

Some experts are predicting wildfires will continue into September.

Here are some tips for preparing for wildfire risk:

  • Check your policy to make sure damage from wildfires is covered. Some policies include coverage for emergency shelter, such as a hotel, if a home is uninhabitable. 
  • Review your policy to make sure you have enough coverage. Things like fine art, jewelry and computer equipment may have limited coverage under a standard policy. But you can buy special coverage that gives you more protection for those types of items, called a rider. Contact your insurance agent or broker to ask about supplemental policies. 
  • Catalog your home’s belongings in case you need to make an insurance claim. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a printable home inventory checklist or you can try free iPhone/iPad or Android apps. 
  • You can help protect a rural home and limit the danger by clearing a natural fire break between your home and surrounding trees, brush and uncut fields. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has information on how to protect yourself and your home before, during and even after a wildfire. 
  • Have an emergency kit and a family communication plan. Know the location of your valuable papers, including insurance policy and contact information, mementos and anything you can't live without, so you can evacuate with them, if needed. 
  • Here's a list of recommended emergency supplies to keep on hand in the case of an evacuation. 
  • Don’t forget about planning for your pets. has tips for pet owners.

Consumers can seek help with their insurance or ask insurance-related questions by calling our consumer advocates at 1-800-562-6900 or contacting us online.

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27 Aug 2015

#UK, #Government's #benefit #tests under scrutiny as thousands die after being passed 'fit to work' (The Independent, August 27 2015)

[Source: The Independent, full page: (LINK).]

Government's benefit tests under scrutiny as thousands die after being passed 'fit to work' [  SOC  ]

The Government is under pressure to review its controversial fitness-to-work tests for benefit claimants after charities, unions and MPs expressed concern about the number of people who die after being assessed as able to work.




[#MERS] #Coronavirus: 19 #décès en #Arabie Saoudite (Le Figaro, August 27 2015)

[Source: Le Figaro, full page: (LINK).]

Coronavirus: 19 décès en Arabie Saoudite [      ]

Le nombre de décès dûs au coronavirus Mers (syndrome respiratoire du Moyen-Orient) a augmenté en Arabie saoudite avant le pèlerinage annuel de La Mecque avec dix-neuf morts en une semaine, a annoncé jeudi le ministère de la Santé.




#Death has become a part of #Britain’s #benefits #system (The Guardian, August 27 2015)

[Source: The Guardian, full page: (LINK).]

Death has become a part of Britain’s benefits system [  SOC  ]

by Frances Ryan 

Go to your local benefits office and desperation can be boiled down to a six-point plan, mounted on pink laminated card. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has assembled written guidance on suicide for its “frontline staff” – a euphemism for workers hired to call people and break it to them that they’ve been rejected for benefits.




#Congo DR, #Tanganyika : l' #épidémie de #rougeole sévit dans 5 zones de santé (Radio Okapi, August 27 2015)

[Source: Radio Okapi, full page: (LINK).]

Tanganyika : l'épidémie de rougeole sévit dans 5 zones de santé [      ]

L'OMS qui a confirmé cette information a également annoncé la riposte appropriée pour limiter la propagation  de l'épidémie dans la région.




#Transmission #patterns of #human #enterovirus 71 to, from and among #European #countries, 2003 to 2013 (@eurosurveillanc, abstract, edited)

[Source: Eurosurveillance, full page: (LINK). Abstract, edited.]

Eurosurveillance, Volume 20, Issue 34, 27 August 2015 / Research article

Transmission patterns of human enterovirus 71 to, from and among European countries, 2003 to 2013 [      ]

C Hassel 1, A Mirand 1 2 , A Lukashev 3 , E TerletskaiaLadwig 4 , A Farkas 5 , I Schuffenecker 6 , S Diedrich 7 , HP Huemer 8 , C Archimbaud 1 2 , H Peigue-Lafeuille 1 2 , C Henquell 1 2 , J Bailly 1 2

Author affiliations: 1. Clermont Université, Université d’Auvergne, EPIE, EA 4843, Clermont-Ferrand, France; 2. CHU Clermont-Ferrand, Service de Virologie, Centre National de Référence des Entérovirus et Paréchovirus – Laboratoire associé, Clermont-Ferrand, France; 3. Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitides, Moscow, Russia; 4. Prof. Gisela Enders & Kollegen MVZ GbR and Institute of Virology, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Stuttgart, Germany; 5. Division of Virology, National Center for Epidemiology, Budapest, Hungary; 6. Laboratoire de Virologie Est des Hospices Civils de Lyon, Centre National de Référence des Entérovirus et Paréchovirus, Bron, France; 7. National Reference Center for Poliomyelitis and Enterovirus, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany; 8. Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Vienna, Austria; 9. Université Claude Bernard, EA4610 VIRPATH, Lyon, France

Correspondence: Jean-Luc Bailly (

Citation style for this article: Hassel C, Mirand A, Lukashev A, TerletskaiaLadwig E, Farkas A, Schuffenecker I, Diedrich S, Huemer HP, Archimbaud C, Peigue-Lafeuille Hélène, Henquell Cécile, Bailly J-L. Transmission patterns of human enterovirus 71 to, from and among European countries, 2003 to 2013. Euro Surveill. 2015;20(34):pii=30005. DOI:

Received:25 July 2014; Accepted:21 January 2015



Enterovirus 71 (EV-71) is involved in epidemics of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) and has been reported to occur with severe neurological complications in eastern and south-east Asia. In other geographical areas, the transmission of this virus is poorly understood. We used large sequence datasets (of the gene encoding the viral protein 1, VP1) and a Bayesian phylogenetic approach to compare the molecular epidemiology and geographical spread patterns of EV-71 subgenogroups B4, B5, C1, C2, and C4 in Europe relative to other parts of the world. For the study, European countries considered were European Union (EU) Member States and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Viruses of the B4, B5, and C4 subgenogroups circulate mainly in eastern and south-east Asia. In Europe sporadic introductions of these subgenogroups are observed, however C1 and C2 viruses predominate. The phylogenies showed evidence of multiple events of spread involving C1 and C2 viruses within Europe since the mid-1990s. Two waves of sporadic C2 infections also occurred in 2010 and 2013. The 2007 Dutch outbreak caused by C2 and the occurrence of B5 and C4 infections in the EU between 2004 and 2013 arose while the circulation of C1 viruses was low. A transmission chain involving a C4 virus was traced from Japan to the EU and then further to Canada between 2001 and 2006. Recent events whereby spread of viruses have occurred from, to, and within Europe appear to be involved in the long term survival of EV-71, highlighting the need for enhanced surveillance of this virus



#MERS #virus: #Saudis repots 15 #deaths in #week (The Standard, August 27 2015)

[Source: The Standard, full page: (LINK).]

(MERS virus) Saudis repots 15 deaths in week [      ]

Saudi Arabia's Health Ministry says 15 more people have died after contracting the Middle East respiratory syndrome, known as MERS, in the last seven ...